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Konu: Xzibit - Focus  (Okunma Sayısı: 279 Kere Okundu.)
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Üye No : 3437
Yaş : 25
Nerden : Tokat
Cinsiyet : Bay
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Yo, turn it up a little so you (Focus)

Homeboy I ain't never gon let em take me under
I maintain with a mindframe to bring the rain and the thunder
Fast 5 days straight to meditate, build hunger
and focus(focus) on the days and times(focus) that approach us

[Verse 1]
Bad seeds is planted to grow large and toke us
Whatever is left will be eaten alive by the locusts
Hear me not, believe me later
You can feel the animosity through this Irwin Vega
A full clip to make this bullshit stop
I'm in the struggle to bring the underground to the top
Head lock, Las Angeles, home of the scandalous
And beautiful bitches, smell the aroma
Nothin but doja, the Likwit soldier
Quick to fold you in half, sit back and laugh at you
Xzibit standing firm ground like a stone statue
You ever have a .45 slug blown at you?
We unstoppable, so everything is possible

Xzibit maintain focus till the casket drop
That's (focus) the only to survive and stay on top
Fast 5 days straight to meditate, build hunger
And focus(focus) on the days and times that approach us

[Verse 2]
Be on the lookout
Cause this year some niggas gettin took out
Takin off of the scene
Man versus machine
I live between a rock and a hard place
About face stand straight
This is General X
Dedicated to the critics that hope and pray
That some day I'll go soft
And try to swing with a gimmick and fall off
Runnin with dogs you can't call off
Isolate to eliminate
That's the mind state
Never violate
I make your whole chest dialate
Defeat my appetite to annhilate
I carry the weight from state to state
Spread the product
Tired of friends and relatives gettin shot up
It's time for some action like Redman and B-Real
Cause I can be a dead man if I stand still
Too close for comfort, I'm under the gun
Like a felon going back
I'm ready to Şifre
Making niggas role the credits and fade to black
fade to black fade to black fade to black


Yeah, everyday of my life
Got clear thinking, and everything stay tight
Drop bomb shit
Only bomb shit
Here come Xzibit to break it down like this
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Re: Xzibit - Focus
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