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Konu: Şanlıurfanın Ingilizce Tanıtımı  (Okunma Sayısı: 8748 Kere Okundu.)
« : Ocak 24, 2010, 01:42:06 ÖÖ »
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Urfa (Şanlıurfa) [İngilizce - English]

Sanliurfa, the Turkish city of prophets, lies about 180 Km west of Kiziltepe, in the southern Anatolian region. The city has a great religious importance. According to both the Bible and the Quran, the city is the birthplace of Abraham, before he migrated to Canaan, erstwhile Palestine. Sanliurfa is perhaps a rare city that had been honoured with the footprints of so many Old Testament prophets like – Jethro, Job, Elijah and Abraham. Sanliurfa was known as Edessa in ancient times. The city also was the home of Moses, who lived in this region for seven years before returning to Egypt. The place also showcases fusion architectural marvels.

The people of Sanliurfa and the place it self has an aesthetic feel to everything, think you would want to blend in?

Sanliurfa Attractions

A main attraction of Sanliurfa is the nomadic tribes who inhabit this place. Further, bazaars of Sanilurfa are flag bearers of economy since the times of Ottoman. Kazzaz Bazzar, built in 1562 preserves the authentic Turkish flavour even now. The bazaar has shops of one-meter height on both sides of the inner passage. Other famous bazaars include Sipahi Bazaar and Huseyniye Bazaar. Handicrafts occupy a very important position in Sanliurfa. Weaving, copper works, tannery, jewellery, stone working and fur making are only a few of its handicraft wonders.

Harran, Sanliurfa

South of Sanliurfa, the landscape progressively flattens into the Mesopotamian plain. All the villages here, originally poverty-ridden are gradually experiencing a progressive economy. The village of Harran is off the main tarmac road leading to Syria. The site of the famous Temple of Sin (alternatively known as the first University) was at Harran. Harran is a place of religious, mythological and historical significance. Here Rebecca drew water for Jacob and from here Abraham decided to move into the land of Cannan. The Roman Emperor Crassus was defeated by the Parthians right here. Bits and pieces of history lie strewn at Harran. Standing atop the reins of the ancient citadel, you can look at rocks and materials, broken vessels etc. that bears historic links with the ancient times.

Other Places of Interest in Sanliurfa

There are many places to see when you at Sanliurfa. The first in the list is the Sanliurfa Fortress at the northern slope of Damlacik Mountain. The citadel has 25 watchtowers and hosts remains of Byzantine and Islamic times. The second in line should be the antique city of Sogmatar, 73 KM away from Sanliurfa. Its modern name is ‘Yagmurlu’. Sogmatar has a cultural origin from the Harran Sin culture. Still you can see an open-air temple here were people used to worship planets and the Supreme God. Sacrifices were also made. Then there is the ‘Naveli Cori’ antique settlement. It is near Kantara village of Hilvan.

Sanliurfa Hotels

Accommodation in Sanliurfa is suitable for all pockets. If you plan to spend a hedonistic summer vacation here, the luxurious hotels are there to satisfy your needs. And if you plan not to spend a fortune on your accommodation, there is hope for you too. The 'Valilik konukevi' (Old Governor House) is the best hotel in Sanliurfa and at US$50/night for 1 double room with bathroom and shower it is also one of the most expensive. The Gulizar Palace is an inexpensive and clean hotel. The hotel is actually a traditional house, so you feel at home and get an insight into the intimate life of the people of Sanliurfa. The 'Ipek Palas Hotel' is a cheap but well maintained hotel and the service is so good you do not feel like leaving.

Dining in Sanliurfa

If you are a kebab freak, then you have come to the right place, Sanliurfa’s kebabs are world famous. With kebabs as rare as eggplant and meat kebab, and tomato with meat kebab a food connoisseur is also in fort some surprises. A special bread called the “durum” is served with it. Together with “kunefe” as dessert a special Sanliurfa after meal coffee, the “mirra” is served. It has to be drunk in a special way otherwise you are risking the chance of offending a native.
Şanlıurfanın ingilizce tanıtımı


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