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Konu: Mark Owen - Eternal Bliss  (Okunma Sayısı: 341 Kere Okundu.)
« : Şubat 04, 2010, 11:35:00 ÖS »
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This is for all the lost souls, there is hope

Happiness is all I want but I am caught by misery
And no one understands or even cares if I just live or die
There is only one way out and I am not afraid to take it
It's the only way I say is Su-i-cide

This kids mom died when he was just fifteen
Left with his house his pops was a dope fiend
Who didn't give a fuck about him
He even thinks that he'd be better off without him
He goes to school with no friends and he's mad for
He misses his mom even though she was a Şifre whore
Comes through the backdoor so dad wont see
Cuz after school at 3' he gets greeted with a beat
He has to go around with smelly clothes and no socks
While other kids rocked new Nike's and Reeboks
He's not happy with his miserable existence
Sometimes he has the urge to just say 'Good RiddanceGrew up around drugs but never thought about trying it
Tried to not become a product of his environment
He tried even to talk to his pillow like a psychiatrist
Screaming in to it 'Why did she have to dieMom was in a program to get off the stuff
I guess she wasn't ready, or strong enough
But if she was alive it wouldn't be good either
Cuz dad used to beat her every day and mistreat her
He hates his father but it's all he has left
He doesn't want to live because he's afraid of death
But maybe he think that he'd be better off dead
He grabbed a paper and a pen, wrote a note and it said:

He feels a little nervous because he doesn't know what left it
What be the best to end it – He's starting to cry now.
Time now – he wants to just think it through
Life stinks it's true but there's got to be a better way
A better day may come but it ain't likely
'It's a constant battle in this life, It fights meHe thinks that he's a coward but in fact he's real brave
Never gave in to temptations that put his mother in the grave
He wants to be saved, but no one hears his cries for help
except for god in heaven, still he wants to kill himself
He wasn't brought up to know about god and the bible
He own short life was spent nothing but survival
Suicidal thoughts evading his young mind
Sunshine is something he ain't seen in a long time
He can't take the loneliness and the sadness
Goes in the other room and gives his dad a kiss
Even though he's passed out from the drugs
He still only has - and in a way still loves him
He wants to join his mom in eternal bliss
Got in the bathtub and sliced his wrist
As he watched his blood pour out the veins and down the drain
He said goodbye to the pain

There is hope, you can get help
There's somebody you can talk to
There is hope

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Re: Mark Owen - Eternal Bliss
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